In the mysterious Bergslagen, the heart of the Swedish forest; lives a creature revered by the natives, but only seen by a handful.

The creature predates any human civilization and is speculated to be older than the forest of Bergslagen itself. Those who have witnessed the creature say it’s taller than the trees and has thick mossy bark skin. Colorful flowers have also been spotted blooming on its antlers in the early summer. While there are only a few reported sightings, its deafening cry can be heard throughout Bergslagen on the last day of summer every year.

According to Bergslagian folklore, the primordial story was passed on from the creature to the natives. This story tells how the forest gave life to the Bergslagian people, and that they repay this gift by cherishing the earth they walk upon.

There is a ritual in Bergslagen, called Skogsbad, which involves mid-life men and women venturing alone into the deepest parts of the woods in hope to meet the creature and have new stories passed on to them that they can share with their tribe.

No one knows its real name, but the natives call it Widunder, which loosely translates to the story(telling) animal.

With admiration for the creature and what it represents, we have borrowed its name. We are a group of game developers from Stockholm, only a few hours away from Bergslagen. Our team is small but experienced. We have worked in the AAA games industry and movie production, and have been involved in the making of several award-winning games, movies, and TV-series. Our ambition is to create interactive stories with emphasis on the emotional, philosophical, and political. We do not shy away from dealing with difficult or controversial topics, but we do so with the utmost respect.

Our current project is called: “The Girl of Glass: A Summer Bird’s Tale.” Click on the link above to find out more.